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Fun Inside Activities

It's getting cold outside!

I'm here in Atlanta, so it's just starting to get to that COLD point. I know most northern states have already been feeling it.

Every year I hate the changing of the season after summer, because it officially means, I'm not participating in too many outdoor activities.

This year I have a bucket list of some indoor things that I will do!

🍂 Warm & Cozy Activities 🤎

  1. Art Museum

  2. Bowling

  3. Skating

  4. Selfie Museum

  5. Dance Class

  6. Wine Tasting

  7. Party Bus

  8. Gun Range

  9. Comedy Show

  10. Escape Room

  11. Movie Theatre

  12. Drive-in

  13. Cabin Trip

  14. Aquarium

  15. Indoor Sky Diving

  16. Laser Tag

  17. Travel to a warmer state or country

Find discounts on activities in your city on Viator:

Don't forget, I can also help book a cabin trip, or warm destination trip!

Email for all inquiries


Don't let the cold weather stop you from enjoying life 🥳

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